Know your Attorney

My colleagues give me a lot of grief for this section of my website.  I smile and let them have their fun at my expense!  But it is something that I believe in.  Granted, the photo I chose is intended to generate a smile, but it doesn’t take anything away from the message.

How critical is your case?  If we are going to write a few letters for you, or handle some mild negotiation, then our rapport will be based on our in-office and over-the-phone discussions — and most likely, we will both be fine with that level of communication.

But if your case is large — and we are going to litigate, then we should get to know each other.  And I don’t mean at the fancy top-of-the-bank-building club, where I feel comfortable and you may feel out of place.  I’m talking about Burger King, or McDonalds.

Why?  How stressed or nervous can you be when you are in a familiar place like this?  And what kind of attorney am I if I can’t be just as comfortable.

Give me a chance.  I’m one heck of an attorney.


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